Velowave Electric Bikes - The Ultimate Lineup Review

May 21, 2024

two Velowave Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have surged in popularity over recent years, promising an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods and an accessible entry into cycling for people of all fitness levels. Among the myriad of choices available in the market, Velowave has emerged as a noteworthy contender. They're one of those brands that aim to make e-bikes accessible, with designs that cater to families and casual riders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Velowave prioritizes affordability, comfortable designs, and family-friendly e-bikes, making them accessible to many riders.
  • Velowave uses mid-range components to keep costs down, so they won't match the performance or features of top-tier e-bikes.
  • Ideal rider: Perfect for casual cyclists, those seeking extra comfort, people new to e-bikes, or families who want bikes everyone can enjoy.
  • Standout models: The Velowave Ranger is their classic all-around cruiser, the Ghost MTB3 is their trail-ready option, and the Prado offers a beach-ready relaxed ride.

This review explores Velowave’s offerings, examining the blend of innovative technology and user-centric design that characterizes their e-bikes. It explores the performance, design, and overall value of Velowave e-bikes, providing comprehensive insights to help determine the right model for you.

About Velowave

Velowave ebike review

Velowave is a value-focused electric bicycle brand with a mission to make e-biking accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of riders. The company was founded by a group of cycling enthusiasts who wanted to create high-quality electric bikes that were affordable. The founders were motivated by a desire to help families enjoy cycling together. 

The brand's focus shines through in their designs. Velowave e-bikes often feature comfort-oriented features like step-thru frames, plush saddles, and upright riding positions. They cater to various needs with models ranging from city cruisers to fat-tire e-bikes built for more adventurous terrain. This versatility makes them a compelling choice for commuters, leisure riders, and those looking to explore beyond paved roads.

Velowave prioritizes keeping its e-bikes within an attractive price range. They achieve this by carefully selecting components and streamlining their manufacturing processes. You'll find trusted names like Shimano and Bafang within their builds, ensuring a good balance of performance and cost-effectiveness for the rider.

What Makes Velowave Electric Bikes Stand Out

The e-bike market is full of advanced, expensive options. Velowave stands out by prioritizing features that make their bikes accessible to more riders. Here are some of the reasons why you should add the brand to your list:

Affordability in a Competitive Market

Let's be real – e-bikes can get insanely expensive. It's not uncommon to see price tags that make you wonder if they've got a tiny spaceship engine hidden in there. Velowave is out to change that. Their whole approach is focused on bringing e-bikes within reach of the average person.

How do they do it? A few ways:

Direct-to-consumer model: Velowave cuts out the middleman (bike shops) and sells directly to you. This saves a chunk of overhead costs they can pass on as lower prices.

Component choices: You won't find the absolute top-shelf parts on Velowave bikes. Instead, they opt for reliable, mid-range components that balance performance and cost.

Simplified Designs: While they offer different styles, Velowave avoids overly complex features, keeping manufacturing streamlined.

For example, Velowave's Ranger model (a popular step-through cruiser) often retails for under $1500. Compare that to similar models from other brands that can easily hit $2000 or more.

Component Choices

Velowave keeps its prices affordable by choosing components wisely. Instead of the highest-end parts, it uses reliable ones like Bafang hub motors, which are known for good performance without a high cost. These motors, typically 500W or 750W, provide enough power for most riders.

The bikes often feature battery cells from respected brands like Samsung or LG, with capacities around 14-15Ah that offer a good range for commuting and leisure rides. Depending on the model, Velowave bikes come with either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes; hydraulic brakes provide smoother stopping power, but mechanical brakes are easier to maintain.

Velowave bikes strike a good balance between cost and performance. They might not have the elite components of a $5000 e-bike, but they perform well for the average rider, making them a solid choice for those looking to enjoy e-biking without focusing on top-tier specs.

Velowave ebike review

Family Focus

Velowave recognizes that e-bikes are not solely for avid cyclists. Many of their models are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, making them excellent choices for families or those seeking a more relaxed riding experience. 

Most Velowave bikes feature step-through frames, which eliminate the need to swing your leg over a high bar, simplifying mounting and dismounting for less agile riders. These bikes often come with wide, cushioned saddles that provide support during longer rides, and upright riding positions to reduce strain on the back and wrists.

Additionally, many Velowave bikes are either equipped for carrying cargo or come with standard racks for panniers or baskets, enhancing their utility for errands, school runs, or leisure outings like picnics.

Velowave E-Bike Review - Lineup Breakdown

Velowave keeps things streamlined, offering a focused selection of e-bikes designed to fit distinct needs. Here’s a break down their most popular models:


The Velowave Ghost 500 is an affordable electric bike priced at $1,299, featuring a robust build and high-quality components. It has 27.5" x 2.35" mountain bike tires and a diamond-shaped 6061 aluminum alloy frame with a sloping top tube. The battery is seamlessly integrated into the frame, enhancing both aesthetics and aerodynamics, and can be removed for remote charging.

Velowave ghost electric bike

This model includes a 500W Bafang rear hub motor and a 48V/15Ah lithium-ion battery with LG cells, ensuring reliable performance. Despite its light weight of 70.5 lbs, it can carry up to 280 lbs. The bike also offers a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain for smooth gear shifts and can be used like a regular bike without motor drag.

For added convenience, it features a 5-level pedal assist system and a thumb throttle on the left side, allowing for effortless riding without pedaling—ideal for commuting or when you're too tired to pedal.


  • Surprisingly capable off-road at its price point
  • 500W Bafang motor for tackling hills and rough terrain
  • 4" fat tires ensure good traction and stability on loose surfaces
  • Upright riding position and plush saddle for comfort on long rides


  • Fat tire e-bikes are heavier, making them less nimble and harder to transport.
  • Best for casual riding on fire roads, easy trails, and beaches, not for serious mountain biking.
  • Affordable by using functional, but not top-tier, brakes and shifters.

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The Velowave Ranger, also known as FMTB3, is a classic fat tire electric mountain bike. It shares a similar frame style with the Ghost, featuring a curved top tube and an integrated battery, but it is equipped with 4” fat tires for better traction and stability on rough terrain.

Velowave ranger fat tire electric bike

Despite its affordability compared to other e-bikes in its class, the Ranger doesn't compromise on quality. It boasts impressive specifications, including a hydraulic suspension fork with 75mm of travel to absorb bumps on rocky roads, and hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power. The Ranger is Velowave's most popular model, serving as an all-around cruiser ideal for errands, leisurely rides, and family outings.

The powerful rear hub motor delivers 750W nominal, peaking at about 1275W, and produces 80Nm of torque, assisting in climbing steep hills and battling strong headwinds. It can reach speeds up to 25mph with motor assistance. Additionally, the Ranger is equipped with a powerful LED headlight, fenders, and a rear rack, with optional accessories available. 


  • Features a comfortable design.
  • 750W motor provides a strong boost for hills and longer rides.
  • Typically includes a rear rack; frame suits panniers well for daily hauling.
  • Good battery capacity reduces range worries for regular errands and outings.


  • Less agile and responsive due to comfort-focused design.
  • Heavier build, typical of fat tire bikes.
  • Ideal for paved paths, gravel, and light trails; not for deep sand or serious off-roading.


The Prado-S is a unique hybrid electric bike that combines a low-step aluminum alloy frame, 4" fat tires with blade rims, a large cushioned saddle, and adjustable ape hanger handlebars for comfort. 

It's competitively priced, making it a more affordable option than similar models like the RadRunner and the Fiido T1. Suitable for a range of uses, the Prado-S excels on unstable off-road surfaces and serves well as a commuter bike.

Velowave prado-s fat tire electric cargo bike

Equipped with a powerful 750W rear hub motor producing 80Nm of torque, the Prado-S offers impressive hill-climbing and load-carrying capabilities, with a maximum payload of 330 lbs. The motor pairs with a 48V/15Ah battery mounted behind the seat tube, which is easily removable for charging. 

It features a 7-speed mechanical drivetrain for a smooth riding experience similar to a regular bike and includes a 5-level pedal assist system (PAS) and a left-side thumb throttle for motorized riding, reaching speeds up to 20 mph with the throttle and 28 mph with the PAS.


  • Ultra-low-step frame, plush saddle, and swept-back handlebars for a relaxed ride.
  • Wide tires excel on sand, perfect for beach outings.
  • Sturdy build with rear rack, great for carrying beach gear, picnics, or groceries.
  • Vintage-style cruiser design adds charm.


  • Low-step frame and fat tires contribute to a heavier bike.
  • Designed for cruising with a focus on comfort, not speed.
  • Handles sand well but not ideal for technical trails or steep inclines.


The Velowave Rover stands out by combining the comfort and stability of fat tires with an easy-access low-step frame, making it a superb choice for those seeking a highly comfortable electric bike with impressive features at a reasonable price.

Velowave rover fat tire step through electric bike

This e-bike is equipped with a 750W rear hub motor, which provides substantial power for effortless hill climbing and speedy travel. It isn’t just about speed, though; the motor also enhances the bike's ability to tackle challenging inclines with ease. Complementing this power is a 48V/15Ah battery with LG cells, which significantly extends the bike’s range, enabling longer adventures that aren’t possible with traditional bikes.

Additionally, the Rover includes a hydraulic front shock (suspension fork) and hydraulic disc brakes, enhancing ride comfort and providing superior stopping power. The adjustable ape hanger handlebars ensure a strain-free experience for your shoulders, arms, and wrists during rides.


  • One of Velowave's most affordable e-bikes. 
  • Great for first-time users.
  • Low-step frame, comfortable saddle, and relaxed position make for leisurely riding and easy on/off.
  • Fat tires offer stability and versatility across different terrains.
  • Sufficient battery capacity for everyday errands.


  • Rover uses more basic components. 
  • Functional but not designed for performance riding.
  • Like most fat tire e-bikes, expect it to be on the heavier side.
  • Battery capacity may limit very long-distance rides.


The Velowave Pony is a standout addition to the Velowave lineup. This e-bike features an aluminum alloy frame with an integrated battery and wiring, ape hanger handlebars for enhanced comfort, and 20" x 4" fat tires with blade rims. It's powered by a robust 750W motor that delivers 80Nm of torque, ensuring strong performance.

Velowave pony fat tire electric bike

The Pony includes a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, allowing it to be pedaled like a conventional bike with no electronic drag when the motor is off. However, when the motor is engaged, either through the thumb throttle or the pedal assist system, it offers powerful assistance to easily tackle steep hills, headwinds, or heavy loads.

Equipped with a long-range 48V/15Ah battery that is securely integrated into the frame, the Pony maintains a sleek, aerodynamic profile while reducing the risk of theft. Additionally, it features hydraulic disc brakes, providing top-tier stopping power for safe and reliable braking performance in any condition.


  • Pony feels playful compared to larger models.
  • Easy access for mounting and dismounting, suitable for many riders.
  • 750W motor provides ample power for hills, keeping rides comfortable.
  • Can be fitted with racks and baskets, ideal for groceries or light hauling.


  • Battery capacity is still decent but may not match the longest-range Velowave models.
  • Some components may be more basic for the price point.


The Velowave Grace is another exciting addition to the Velowave lineup, showcasing the company's commitment to responsive design and functionality. The Grace, like other fat tire electric bikes, features larger contact areas with the ground through its fat knobby tires, enhancing traction and stability, particularly on unpaved trails. Its step-thru design facilitates easy mounting and dismounting, making it particularly appealing to riders who find it challenging to swing their leg over a traditional saddle.

Velowave grace fat tire step thru electric bike.

More than just its accessibility, the Grace offers several advanced features. It is equipped with high-rise handlebars that are adjustable to promote an upright riding posture, ensuring relaxed shoulders and arms. The bike's hydraulic suspension fork helps absorb road bumps, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable ride across various surfaces.

Powering the Grace is a potent 750W rear hub motor, delivering up to 80Nm of torque, coupled with an exceptionally long-range 48V/20Ah battery. This combination provides nearly 50 miles of range per charge, accommodating the average rider's needs comfortably. With its classic cruiser style enhanced by these sophisticated features, the Grace stands out as a superb choice for those valuing comfort and versatility in their riding experience.


  • Design provides a smooth and relaxing ride.
  • The 750W motor delivers ample power.
  • Torque sensor provides intuitive and smooth pedal assist.
  • The fat tires offer stability and open up riding options.
  • Features like hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power and a smoother feel.


  • More expensive than other models.
  • Feels heavier than other brands.
  • Not as agile on the road as a traditional hybrid or commuter bike.

How Do Velowave Bikes Compare to the Competition

Velowave's focus on affordability makes them a tempting choice, but they're not the only player in the game. The e-bike market is full of options, especially in the direct-to-consumer space. Understanding how Velowave stacks up against similar brands is crucial in deciding if they're the right fit for you.

To make an informed decision, comparing critical specs is key. Here's an example, and we can select Velowave Ranger as our baseline:

Velowave E-Bikes vs Other Brands


As you can see, Velowave holds its own against the competition. While specs are strikingly similar, two key advantages emerge:

  1. Price: Velowave often undercuts similar Rad Power Bikes models, making them the budget-friendly choice. However, Ride1Up's Core-5 is a strong contender if pure affordability is paramount.
  2. Standard features: Depending on sales, the Velowave Ranger sometimes comes standard with a rear rack, a valuable bonus compared to paying extra for it on other bikes.

The caveat: While Core-5 offers less range, its significantly lower price is tempting. Velowave would need to dip below $1400 to best them on the price-to-features ratio truly. This comparison highlights that Velowave isn't always the absolute cheapest, but it consistently balances affordability with a solid set of features, making it worth serious consideration. 

Should You Buy a Velowave Electric Bike?

Velowave is a compelling option if you're prioritizing affordability and ease of use in your search for an e-bike. Their focus on family-friendly designs and comfortable riding experiences resonates with a wide range of casual cyclists. However, it's important to go into the decision with a realistic understanding of what you're getting, and what scenarios might call for a different brand.

Who's the ideal Velowave rider?

  • Budget-conscious enthusiasts - You want the fun and benefits of an e-bike without breaking the bank.
  • Casual explorers - Think weekend adventures on bike paths, easy trails, and errands around town.
  • Comfort seekers - Velowave's step-through frames and upright riding positions are perfect if traditional bikes make you achy.
  • Families - The accessibility and cargo-hauling potential of many Velowave models work great for families.

Consequently, Velowave keeps prices down by using reliable, but not top-of-the-line, components. This means your bike won't feel as snappy or responsive as a super expensive e-bike, and you might not be able to push it to its absolute limits. If your idea of fun is tearing up serious mountain bike trails or racing down the road, Velowave isn't built for that. You'll want to invest in a more specialized brand designed for performance and speed.

Watch this in-depth video to know more:

​​Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Velowave Model for You

Velowave keeps things simple, but it's still important to find the bike that's the best match for your needs. Here's how to narrow down the choices:

1. What's your riding style?

Commuting: Think about your typical commute. Is it long and hilly, or do you need to haul work gear? Features like a rear rack, pannier compatibility, and potentially a more powerful 750W motor can make your bike a true workhorse. Velowave's commuter-style models, or even a Ranger with added accessories, could be a great fit.

Leisure and exploring: Focus on comfort! Step-thru cruisers like the Prado or Ranger prioritize an easy on/off experience and a relaxed, upright riding position. These are fantastic for exploring bike paths, hitting light to moderate trails, and even venturing onto the beach.

Off-roading: The Ghost MTB3 is your go-to if trails are your main focus. Its fat tires, suspension fork, and more robust build can tackle tougher terrain. However, keep in mind it won't be as agile on the road as a classic cruiser.

2. How important is comfort?

Supreme comfort: Prioritize the most plush saddle, wide tires for a smooth ride, and swept-back handlebars that position you almost fully upright. Classic cruiser models like the Prado excel in this category.

Moderate comfort: If you want ease of use with a slightly more active riding position, look for models with less-swept back handlebars or adjustable height stems. This can give you a bit more forward lean without sacrificing a step-thru design.

Velowave ebike review

3. Features that matter:

Hauling helpers: If you envision panniers full of groceries or a rear rack piled with picnic supplies, make sure the bike either comes standard with those or has easy mounting points.

Power boost: Live in a hilly area or just want extra oomph? A 750W motor will tackle inclines with more ease than the 500W options, which is ideal for heavier riders or those carrying cargo.

Smooth assist: If you love a super-intuitive riding experience, the Grace's torque sensor is worth the added cost. It detects pedaling effort for seamless, natural-feeling power assist.

Additional considerations: Think about battery size and capacity, if long rides are essential, and whether included accessories like fenders (for wet conditions) are important to you.

4. Size and style

Smaller riders: Models like the Pony offer a more compact fit while still maintaining the step-thru advantage.

Visual vibes: Do you love that classic beach cruiser look (Prado), a sleek modern style (Velowave's commuter models), or something in between? Let your preferences guide you!

Conclusion: Velowave's Place in the E-Bike World

Velowave occupies a unique and valuable space within the e-bike market. They offer an incredibly compelling value proposition for a vast range of regular bike users, emphasizing making e-biking approachable and enjoyable for the everyday rider. They prioritize comfort, practicality, and an attractive price point, ensuring their bikes cater to those seeking a fun, reliable way to enhance their cycling experience.

The ideal Velowave customer values a smooth ride and practical features over the absolute latest in e-bike innovation. If you're looking for a way to add a boost to your commutes, enjoy leisurely rides, or explore new terrain without overcomplicating the experience, Velowave offers excellent options. Their bikes are designed to make e-biking accessible and enjoyable, making them a great choice for regular bike users looking to level up their ride. 


What is the range of Velowave Electric Bikes?

Range depends a lot on how you ride. Hills, heavy loads, and using higher assist levels will eat into your battery faster. Most Velowave models claim between 20-45 miles per charge, which is perfect for most daily errands, commutes, and casual rides.

Are Velowave Electric Bikes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! They're some of the easiest e-bikes to get comfortable with – step-through frames, simple controls, and comfy riding positions. If you've been a bit nervous about cycling, a Velowave is a great way to get rolling again!

What kind of motors do Velowave e-bikes use?

Most Velowave bikes use Bafang hub motors. These are reliable, well-known in the e-bike world, and offer good power for everyday riding. They come in 500W and 750W versions on Velowave bikes.

Are Velowave electric bikes suitable for off-road riding?

It depends on how wild you want to get! Their Ghost MTB3 is built for trails. The fat tire bikes can handle some dirt, gravel, or even sand. But if you dream of serious mountain biking, you'd want a more specialized e-bike.   


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