Velowave Electric Bikes - Lineup Review

August 29, 2022

two Velowave Electric Bikes

We recently added Velowave Electric Bikes to the family of brands that we carry, and I wanted to give them a proper review.

The Velowave Ebike brand has been around for many years, making them a veteran of the ebike industry. They say that riding a Velowave bike is all about freedom, efficiency and fun, but the more I get to know their lineup, I would add to this list affordability.


When compared to other ebikes in their class, Velowave Bikes could be considered a value brand, with all models well under the important $2,000 price point.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at each of the Velowave models, and see how they stack up.

Velowave Ghost 500 MBT3 Electric Mountain Bike

The Velowave Ghost 500 is plus size electric bike, featuring 27.5” x 2.35” mountain bike tires. It has a diamond-shaped 6061 aluminum alloy frame with a sloping top tube and a frame-integrated battery. The handlebars have a slight curvature, and the riding position is slightly forward. With the battery installed the bike weighs 70.5 lbs, and has a carrying capacity of 280 lbs. It is recommended for riders who are at least 5’-4” in height.

velowave ghost electric bike.

At just $1,299, the Ghost 500 could be considered a budget model, but there is nothing cheap about its specifications or build quality. The Ghost 500 features a powerful 500W (nominal output) Bafang rear hub hub motor, paired with a 48V/15Ah lithium-ion battery with LG cells. The battery is integrated into the downtube of the bike, providing added protection and enhanced aerodynamics. You can remove the battery for remote charging.

The Velowave Ghost 500 electric bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, so that it can be ridden like a conventional bike, with no drag from the motor. The gears shift smoothly throughout their range. However, when you need a boost, just turn on the 5-level pedal assist system (PAS) and the motor will doing the heavy lifting when you pedal. There is also a left-side thumb throttle, which allows you to riding without having to pedal. This is great if you use the Ghost for commuting to school or work, since you won’t get all sweaty, and it’s a nice feature to have at the end of a ride when you might be tired from pedaling.

Velowave Ranger FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Velowave Ranger (aka FMTB3) is a classic fat tire electric mountain bike. The Ranger has a frame style similar to the Ghost, with a curved top tube and integrated battery, but sports 4” fat tires which will provide enhanced traction and stability when riding on rough terrain.

velowave ranger fat tire electric bike

The Ranger is also quite affordable when compared to other ebikes in this class, but Velowave has not cut corners to reach this price point. In fact, the Ranger has some pretty awesome specs. It features a hydraulic suspension fork (front shocks) with 75mm of travel, which will absorb bumps and shocks when riding on rocky roads. The Ranger is also outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes, offering exceptional stopping power when compared to mechanical disc brakes.

The powerful rear hub motor has a nominal output of 750W, peaking at about 1275W and putting out an impressive 80Nm of torque. This means that the motor will be there to help you climb steep hills and fight major headwinds. It will get up to 25mph with motor assist, which is much faster than other ebikes in this category.

The Ranger comes with a powerful LED headlight, and fenders and a rear rack or optional accessories.

Velowave Prado-S Fat Tire Step-Thru Electric Utility Bike

Next up is the Prado-S, a unique electric bike which features 4” fat tires with blade rims, a low-step aluminum alloy frame, a large cushioned saddle, and adjustable ape hanger handlebars for a comfortable ride. The Prado-S model has been favorably compared with the RadRunner and the Fiido T1 models, although it is considerably less expensive than these other ebikes.

velowave prado-s fat tire electric cargo bike

The Prado-S is a hybrid electric bike, making it suitable for a variety of applications. It performs well when riding off-road on unstable surfaces, but it also makes a nice bike for commuters.

The Prado-S is outfitted with a powerful 750W rear hub motor, which puts out about 80Nm of torque. This gives the bike exceptional hill-climbing and load-carrying capacity. In fact, it has a maximum payload of 330 lbs. The motor is paired with a 48v/15Ah battery mounted behind the seat tube, making it easily removable for remote charging.

You can ride the Prado-S like a regular bike, getting a great low-impact workout while shift through the 7-speed mechanical drivetrain. But when you need a boost from the motor, there is a 5-level pedal assist system (PAS) to help with pedaling, and a left-side thumb throttle which will allow you to ride without pedaling at all. You can reach speeds of up to 20 mph with the throttle, and 28 mph with the PAS.

Velowave Rover FCTY4 Fat Tire Step-Through Electric Bike

The Velowave Rover ticks a lot of boxes for us. We love how it combines the comfort and stability of fat tires with the easy access low step frame. This ebike is ideal for anyone looking for a super comfortable electric bike, one that features some great specs at a reasonable price.

velowave rover fat tire step through electric bike

The Rover is outfitted with a 750W rear hub motor, giving it exceptional power when you need it most. It’s not just about speed - which the Rover certainly has - but also the ability to climb hills without exerting too much effort. Paired with a 48V/15Ah battery with LG cells, this will extend the range of your rides, allowing you to go on adventures never before possible with a conventional bike.

That’s not all. The Rover features an hydraulic front shock (aka a suspension fork) as well as hydraulic disc brakes, which add to the comfort of your ride and ensure excellent stopping ability. The ape hanger handlebars are also adjustable, so you will not feel any strain on your shoulders, arms or wrists when riding.

Velowave Pony

The Velowave Pony is one of the newest ebikes in the Velowave lineup, and boy is it a winner. The Pony features an aluminum alloy frame with integrated battery and wiring, ape hanger handlebars for comfort, 20" x 4" fat tires with blade rims, and a robust 750W motor with 80Nm of torque.

velowave pony fat tire electric bike.

The Pony has a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, allowing you to pedal it like a conventional bike with the electronics turned off. You will not experience any drag from the motor. But when you turn on the motor for some assistance, you will not be disappointed. The Pony has a very powerful 750W rear hub motor, which can be activated using the thumb throttle or pedal assist system. This will help you tackle steep hills and headwinds, or tow heavy loads without breaking a sweat.

The Bafang motor is paired with a long-range 48V/15Ah battery, which is fully-integrated into the frame of the bike. This reduces the risk of theft and gives the bike a sleek and aerodynamic profile. Hydraulic disc brakes offer the best stopping power, so you can ride in confidence knowing that the bike will stop on a dime when needed.

Velowave Grace

Another recent addition to the Velowave lineup is the super awesome Velowave Grace. Velowave really seems to have their ear to the ground when designing their models, and they put all of this knowledge into the beautifully designed Grace.

velowave grace fat tire step thru electric bike.

Like other fat tire electric bikes, the Grace has more surface area contact with the ground, and the fat knobby tires will give you extra traction and stability, essential when riding on unpaved trails. And like other step-thru ebike models, the Grace is easy to mount and dismount, which is especially attractive to anyone who has difficulty lifting their leg over the saddle. 

But the Grace fat tire electric bike has so much more going on for it. The high rise handlebars are adjustable and offer an upright riding posture with relaxed shoulders and arms. And the hydraulic suspension fork with absorbs bumps in the road, adding to a comfortable ride no matter the surface conditions.

Not only does the Grace ebike feature a powerful 750W rear hub motor, capable of up to 80Nm of torque (that's a lot of torque), but the motor is paired with a super long-range battery with a 48V/20Ah capacity. That equates to almost 50 miles of range per charge for the average rider. 

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