Our Favorite Fat Tire Electric Bike Activities

Favorite Fat Tire Electric Bike Activities

Fat tire electric bicycles are surprising the world, in a manner of speaking, and there's no better time than now for us to give you our list of the favorite things we like to do with our fat tire ebikes.

It’s often been said that having fat tires on an electric mountain bike is like driving a monster truck. Nothing can get in your way. In the case of fat tire ebikes, these trail blazing bicycles feature tires that are at least 4” wide, with diameters of 20” or 26". Super Fat tires are represented by any tire over 4” in width.

Having fat tires will give you an additional padding when riding, particularly in light of the fact that you can really deflate the tires down to 5psi, for riding over sand or off road. These tires have more contact with the ground, giving you a better footing, especially on rough roads and rutted trails.

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Ebike Touring

A fat tire ebike probably won't be your first idea with regards to choosing an electric bicycle for touring purposes. People think that a heavy fat tire bike will not be good for street riding, since there is more drag from the tires. In any case, we feel that is an error. 

Think about the street conditions that you may encounter while touring around the city or countryside. You will most likely ride over a couple of streets of flawed pavement quality now and again. Potholes, broken pavement, curb cuts, uneven shoulders, these are but a few of the road conditions that make a standard tire unsafe (commonly 1.75" to 2.1" wide).  

Beach Riding 

Do you love to fish or invest your time and energy at the seashore? We do too.

Fat tire electric bicycles are very fit for being ridden on the sand. Most fat tires are intended to be worked at a lower tire pressure, permitting you to drift over the sandy surface instead of slicing through it. 

Like rough terrain vehicles this permits them to have a considerably more extensive surface zone in contact with the sand which implies that they don't sink effectively or get stalled. Of course they work best on hard-packed sand and gravel.

In the event that you hit a portion of that sweet firm sand by the waters edge you will actually have the ability to fly along to your preferred fishing or swimming spot and back. You can't get that performance with standard tires. 

Excursion Riding 

Regardless of whether you travel by RV, vessel or vehicle, it's extraordinary to have a fat tire bike to transport you around. Did you realize that many fat tire ebikes are foldable? 

Electric bicycles are an extraordinary choice, you can move under your own capacity yet there's nothing more unwinding than cycling with the help of an electric engine. Furthermore, let's be honest when you're in the midst of a get-away you need to have the option to unwind. 

In the event that you are going with a reduced electric bicycle it bodes well to have one with fat tires. At the point when you are making a trip to new places you simply don't have a clue where you'll ride and over what type or nature of landscape. 

Having a fat tire electric bicycle with you will guarantee that you can ride over pretty much any surface. What's more, your companions will be desirous of your new ebike - we guarantee it.