Ebike Tariffs are Real - 25% Price Increases Are Here...

August 27, 2018

eBike Tariffs are Real

The fact is that most eBikes sold and ridden in the US are manufactured in China and imported to the US by American companies. This is true of all the brands carried by Really Good eBikes. But we believe that this can be a good thing. The Chinese are very good at manufacturing, and build everything from our iPhones to coffee makers.

At first, when talk of trade wars started, we thought that it couldn't possibly affect eBikes, since there are really such a small, nearly microscopic product compared to $200 billion worth of imported products coming into the US each year.

Well, the worst seems to have happened. We were worried when in June, the federal government proposed increasing tariffs on electric bicycles imported from China by 25 percent. 

In early July, the administration released a new proposal that would increase the tariff on nearly every other bicycle, component and accessory imported from China by 10 percent. The proposal includes items like chains, rims, spokes, pedal, breaks, even helmets.

On July 31, the administration announced that they are considering increasing the proposed tariff on bicycles, components and accessories to 25 percent.  If implemented, this tariff could increase duties on the bike industry by an estimated $250 million.

Higher taxes that lead to higher prices will make it more expensive for Americans to buy bicycles. Whether you use bikes to commute to your job, to ride to school or to get outside and exercise, you’ll feel the effects of these tariff increases.

Update: On September 1, 2018, the eBike tariff went into effect, and many brands are now imposing a tariff surcharge, which we are required to pass on to our customers. Some brands have pre-tariff inventory which is not subject to a tariff surcharge, and thus incredible bargains are available for the customer willing to do the research. Call us today to find out which brands have not yet imposed a tariff surcharge. Call toll free: 888-883-3350!

Here's the latest update.

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Corbin Conner
Corbin Conner

August 05, 2018

Thanks for the post Steve. I had no idea that tariffs were going to hit the eBike market.

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