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The Ultimate Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown 2019 Edition

December 01, 2018 3 Comments

The Ultimate Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown 2019 Edition

really good ebikes ultimate fat tire electric bike showdown 2018 edition

Fat tire electric bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after styles of electric bike for both ebike veterans and beginners alike. That's because they enable riders to go anywhere with ease - from downtown streets to sandy beaches, and from gravelly paths to snowy trails. 

But if you've been shopping for a fat tire ebike, you'll probably agree it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices out there. Fat tire ebikes in their varied frame styles present a wonderful mix of versatility, practicality and excitement.

Don’t let their rugged looks and chunky tires fool you, though. By the end of this post, you will discover there is a wild and varied world of these ebikes with wide tires and something to suit most people's needs.

In this ultimate fat tire ebike showdown, we'll break down all the pros and cons of what we think are the top 10 fat tire electric bikes on the market today, across 4 different categories. For your convenience, we have put together a list of all the Fat Tire Electric Bikes we offer.

We recognize everyone has different uses for their ebike, so we’ve tried to provide the best options in each of the main categories of fat tire electric bikes to help you be a more informed consumer.

For the Practical: Folding Fat Tire Ebikes

fat tire ebike being folded

Folding ebikes have long been popular with urban commuters and other riders who need to save space - for example, on a boat or RV.

Fat tire folding ebikes follow this tradition, with the addition - of course - of wider tires and often a sturdier frame.

fully folded fat tire electric bike 

With a folding ebike, you should enjoy the additional versatility to comfortably ride over a range of surfaces with wider tires. You can learn more about folding electric bikes at Electric Bike Review.

For the Adventurous: Cross-Country Fat Tire Ebikes

fat tire mountain bikes on a beach

Cross-country fat tire ebikes follow what is commonly thought of as a mountain bike design and setup.

These full-sized ebikes are specially designed to be ridden across a range of surfaces and are more comfortable at longer distances than the smaller folding fat tire bikes.

They're not just enjoyable for on-road riders, either: They are most definitely aimed at those who are looking to get a bit of trail action in and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our top 3 cross-country fat tire electric bikes are the Emojo Wildcat, the Prodecotech Rebel X and the Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS.

If you're just getting into electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs), check out the Electric MountainBike Magazine for some great articles and e-MTB reviews.

For the Daily Rider: All-Around Fat Tire Ebikes

fat tire ebike mountain bike style


An all-around fat tire ebike is full-sized and primarily used for on-road riding, but will also be compatible with light off-road riding on dirt, gravel, sand or snow.

In this category, we are looking at fat tire ebikes that would be great as a commuter, with the ability to carry baggage or shopping as needed. If you're looking for more information about fat bikes, check out this excellent overview by REI.

At the time of writing this article, we have just one solid recommendation for you: the SSR Motorsports Sand Viper Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

For the Outdoorsy: Hunting Fat Tire Ebikes

hunting mountain bike with fat tires

We commonly term these fat tire ebikes as “hunting ebikes,” but they can also be used for a wide range of activities, including fishing, camping or deeper trail riding.

Generally, these ebikes are built more specifically for off-road riding and may be supplied with the widest tires on our list.

The use of ebikes for hunting is growing rapidly. Ebikes provide a much more efficient way of traveling a hunting ground to scout, check trail cameras and travel from stands and hides to your vehicle.

But that's only the beginning. Most hunting ebikes can be further extended with a range of trailers and other accessories to make kill transportation off the hunting ground 100% easier.

As described by People for Bikes, bikes with a nominal power output of 750W or below can legally be used to access public lands in many U.S. states. Ebikes in this range are classified as electric vehicles and do not require registrations. We’ve included a couple of picks for you at this power range.

Our top hunting fat tire ebikes are the Rambo 750C G3, the QuietKat Ranger and the Rambo R1000XP G3.

Without further ado…let’s get this showdown started!

Save Money: Emojo Lynx 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

 emojo lynx electric folding fat tire bike

We’re going to start off our showdown with a bang!

The Emojo Lynx Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike continues to be one of our most requested fat tire ebikes, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Lynx combines a fantastic-looking design with practicality and quality components at a super competitive price point.

If you are looking for an entry into the world of fat tire ebikes that is compact and easy to use, the Lynx is the option for you.

We love the Lynx’s ability to take any punishment you can dish out. The frame is durable and exceptionally well-built.

The sturdy frame, paired with the low-pressure, quality 4-inch Kenda fat tires, makes the Lynx incredibly forgiving and easy to ride over any terrain, doubling down on its status as a great entry-level fat tire ebike.

Despite the affordable price point, Emojo isn’t skimping on features here. You’ll get a 500W Bafang geared rear hub electric motor, combined with a 36V removable lithium-ion battery.

While this isn’t the most powerful folding ebike in our showdown, it certainly packs enough punch to get most people moving swiftly over varied terrains and against strong headwinds.

But that's not all! The versatility of the Lynx can be further extended with the addition of the custom rear carry rack, which is a brilliant add-on if you are looking for a commuting option or just need to carry the groceries home.

The versatility and competitive price point of the Emojo Lynx Fat Tire Ebike mean we can easily recommend it for almost any use, except hunting or those looking for a larger-framed cross-country option. 

Our Price: $1,324

buy emojo lynx online


Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who is it for?

The Emojo Lynx is suitable for any age and gender. It can be used on many terrains, including dirt, sand, gravel and roads. Its compact folding size makes it a great option for travelers, commuters, RVers, vacationers or those living in urban environments.


  • Motor: High-Torque 500W 36V Bafang Direct Drive Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery: 36V/10.4Ah easy-access removable lithium-ion battery w/ USB cell phone charge port
  • Battery Range: 30 miles on 4-6 hour charge
  • Pedal Assist: 3 Levels Pedal Assist (PAS) with Class 2 Thumb Throttle
  • Transmission (Drivetrain): 7-Speed Shimano Push Button Gears
  • Brakes: Front (160mm) and Rear (180mm) Tektro Rotor Disc Brakes w/ Automatic Motor Cutoff Sensors
  • Stem/Handlebar: Adjustable folding stem with matte black handlebar
  • Wheels (Rims) / Tires: Double-Wall Alloy Rims 20” x 4” Kenda Krusade Sport Fat Tires w/ K-Shield Protection
  • Pedals: High-strength grippy folding nylon pedals
  • Frame: Folding rigid steel alloy
  • Max. User Weight: 250 lbs., including passenger and cargo
  • Lights: Front LED headlight
  • Vehicle Weight: 55 lbs. including battery
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 67”L x 24”W x 45”H
  • Folded Dimensions: 39”L x 18” W x 26” H 

    Enjoy Nature: Emojo Wildcat 500W Fat Tire Ebike

    emojo wildcat fat tire electric mountain bike

    We enter the world of cross-country electric mountain bikes with the Emojo Wildcat as our preferred and recommended entry-level mountain bike-style ebike.

    Emojo has always had a knack for producing well-designed and good-looking electric bikes, and the Wildcat is no exception.

    The clean and simple frame matched with a great use of color is a perfect combination.

    The Wildcat isn’t just about good looks, though. 

    This is an entry-level ebike for this style, so while there aren't a ton of bells and whistles, what is there is very well made. 

    Emojo produces great robot-welded frames, and the Wildcat follows in this tradition. The rigid frame will easily bear your weight and take a beating off the road if that is where you want to take it.

    The simple and light frame is well paired with the 500W Bafang brushless motor. 

    The Bafang isn’t the most high-powered motor you will find in this style of ebike, but it is a quality option that - alongside the stripped-back design - will still get you up to a max speed of 20 MPH in throttle mode. 

    There's one area where Emojo has put some higher-end components: the braking and tire department. You’ll experience the stopping power and traction of the powerful Tektro disc brakes combined with the quality Kenda fat tires, which is a nice combination to have, especially when traveling on off-road trails.

    Overall, the Wildcat presents an excellent option for anyone who is looking for their first full-sized ebike. It’s easy to ride and maintain while you decide if ebikes are right for you.

    The low price point means the Wildcat is also a good option if you are only going to use it occasionally and don’t want to make a huge financial commitment. 

    Our Price: $1,454

    Emojo Wildcat 500W Electric Mountain Bike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️     

    Who is it for?

    The Emojo Wildcat is the best choice for first-time ebike buyers who want a full-sized ebike, but don’t want to make a huge financial investment. It is as well-suited to offroad trails as it is to urban roads and paths. 


    • Motor: High-Torque 500W 48V Bafang DC Brushless
    • Battery: 48V/10.4Ah easy-access removable lithium-ion battery w/ USB cell phone charge port
    • Battery Range: 25 miles on 4-6 hour charge
    • Pedal Assist: 3 Levels Pedal Assist (PAS) with Class 2 Thumb Throttle
    • Transmission (Drivetrain): 7-Speed Shimano Push Button Gears
    • Brakes: Front (160mm) and Rear (180mm) Tektro Rotor Disc Brakes w/ automatic motor cutoff sensors
    • Stem/Handlebar: Adjustable folding stem with matte black handlebar
    • Wheels (Rims) / Tires: 4” R6 Kenda Juggernaut Fat Tires 
    • Pedals: High-strength grippy folding nylon pedals
    • Frame: Robot-welded rigid steel alloy
    • Max. User Weight: 330 lbs. 
    • Vehicle Weight: 58 lbs. including battery
    • Dimensions: 78”L x 25”W x 43”H

    Go Anywhere: Prodecotech Rebel XS V5 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    prodecotech fat tire mountain bike

    If you are looking for a tough, no-nonsense electric mountain bike, you can stop your search right now. 

    Prodecotech built the Rebel with one purpose in mind: to get off the road and onto the dirt, gravel, snow or pretty much any surface you can think of.

    This off-road focus is clearly demonstrated by the strong build of the frame, forks and battery, which are all matched with a fantastic stopping and traction package.

    The thick frame is coupled with a rigid, double-crown fork which will take an absolute beating and really gets you over rocks and bumps with ease.

    We particularly enjoyed the braking package on the Rebel, which is one of the best on the market at this price point. An SRAM 4-piston hydraulic disc package with 200mm rotors front and 180mm rear provides immense stopping power, which is a must if you like to move downhill rapidly.

    The powerplant isn’t the most powerful at this price point, but it is adequate and super reliable. The 600W front-geared motor is combined with a 36v downtube battery by Samsung which has been sealed from the inside out to maintain a high level of protection from water entry. 

    This complete package has a great balance and sense of stability off-road, and it’s quickly become one of our go-to options.

    Our favorite part? Prodecotech makes its ebikes right here in the USA and backs them with a 2-year warranty, which really gives us comfort that this is a safe purchase option. 

    Our Price: $2,649

    Prodecotech fat tire electric bike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    The Prodecotech Rebel Fat Tire E-Mountain Bike is particularly suited to those who definitely want to get off-road and hit some trails. But, it is a great package that will ride smoothly on paved surfaces, as well. The power and range make it a great intermediate fat tire ebike that can stick with you for years to come.


    • Motor: SRAM eMatic Rear Hub Geared Torque Sensor Electric Motor
    • Battery: 36V/14.25Ah downtube-integrated lithium-ion bBattery
    • Distance: 20-30 miles with pedal assist on single charge
    • Frame: Rigid aluminum alloy frame
    • Frame Finish: Matte black
    • Component Finish: black
    • Fork: ProdecoTech Rigid Fat-Fork
    • Handlebar: Truvativ Riser Huss 700mm
    • Saddle: Velo 6218 Plush 285 x 192
    • Shifter: 2-speed automatic SRAM eMatic
    • Derailleur: 2-speed automatic SRAM eMatic
    • Brakes: Avid Guide 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Rotors: 200mm/180mm
    • Pedals: HTI A120SS sealed
    • Tires: Devist-8er UL or Juggernaut 4.0″ Sport Fat Tires 60 TPI casing w/ steel bead
    • Rims: SC J93M Oversized 36H
    • Weight: 62 lbs.
    • Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs.


    Maximum Power: Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS Electric Mountain Bike

    biktrix juggernaut ultra fs fat tire mountain bike


    OK, so the price tag on this one is going to make your eyes water. But the design, build and features of this electric mountain bike are going to make them pop. It’s amazing.

    At first, we were hesitant to include this ebike in our showdown, as the price is generally above what many people are prepared to pay. It is, however, excellent value for the money. 

    We would be comfortable in saying no other fat tire electric mountain bikes on the planet can match up to the Juggernaut Ultra FS.

    It’s hard to know where to start on this one, but let’s begin with the name. FS stands for full suspension, a rarity in the ebike world. 

    The front suspension is standard as a RockShox Guide suspension fork, but for a reasonable amount (~$400), you can upgrade this to a Wren Inverted Suspension, which is pretty much one of the market leaders at this point. 

    What does that mean for you? The 150mm max travel on the Wren will easily get you through some pretty solid terrain and smooth through bumps on road.

    Back to the name. The Ultra refers to one of the latest motors from Bafang. It produces a staggering 1,000W (1,500W peak) of power and is the most powerful torque-sensored motor on the market. Biktrix is the first to get this super new motor into a production ebike.

    In the Juggernaut Ultra FS, Biktrix has coupled the new Ultra motor with a 48V Samsung battery, which, at standard, is going to get you a respectable 20 to 30 miles on a single charge - BUT you can have this upgraded to a 48V 20 Amp Hour LG battery that can produce up to a 60-mile range on a single charge. 

    Honestly, the list of features goes on and on. I encourage you to read the full list of specs below - this ebike has impressed us so much that I could probably praise it for hours.

    The Juggernaut isn’t for everyone. It’s expensive and is best suited to experienced riders who know they need these impressive features. But if this is in your price range and you know you will be able to take advantage of what this ebike is capable of, there is no better electric mountain bike on the market today. 

    Our Price: $3,599 - $4,199 (price varies depending on options)

    biktrix juggernaut ultra electric mountain bike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️
    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    The Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is the bike for you if you like to own and invest in the best. While it is expensive, it is also a great value for the money. With 4” fat tires, it is an awesome off-road bike, but riders can also fit it with taller and narrower tires for road riding, and put its super long range to good use.


    • Battery: 48V Panasonic Cells with integrated battery case (11.6Ah and 17.5Ah options)
    • Motor: 48V/1000W 8Fun Ultra mid-drive motor
    • Controller: 48V30A sin-wave
    • Panel: DPC14 LCD display with USB charger plug
    • Throttle: Left thumb throttle
    • Assistant Sensor: Double hall sensor
    • Frame & Fork: Aluminum alloy 6061
    • Front Fork: RST Renegade or Wren Inverted Suspension Fork
    • Head Parts: Neco threadless
    • Gear System: SRAM Gx 10-speed
    • Hub Gear: KT-S7LR M9*13G*36H*170*180, quick release
    • Stem: Zoom TDS-C397-8 17°EXT110×IDΦ25.4×REΦ28.6 alloy
    • Grips: Velo VLG-207D2 L/R125MM 
    • Brakes: Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes (180mm rotors)
    • Brake Cables: Stainless cables, with BK casings
    • Pedals: VP, alloy, with reflector
    • Wheels/Rims: Kenda K1151 26” x 4.0, black
    • Spokes: Haicheng 13G stainless steel, black with copper nipples
    • Hubs: KT-SR3F M9*13G*36H*135*145
    • Seat: Velo VL-3180 NP12 black
    • Rack: Ruihong 20” HA-129
    • Seatpost: matte black, 350mm (upgradable)
    • Seatpost Clamp: Promax 359Q, alloy, quick release

    Get Out There: Rambo R750 G3 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


    Ebikes focused toward hunting and other outdoor pursuits like fishing are starting to hit the market in leaps and bounds.

    Rambo is one of the brands that are really leading that charge. Rambo specializes exclusively in fat tire mountain bikes, and we love the mix of price and features they’ve packed into the R750 G3.

    You need to be able to move silently but quickly when you are using an ebike for hunting purposes. The Rambo allows you to do that with a 750W Hi-Torque Bafang motor, which is capable of pushing you up to 19 miles per hour without pedaling. 

    The motor is paired with an LG 48V battery which is going to last you up to 19 miles on a single charge without pedaling. If you take advantage of the intelligent power control and add in a bit of pedal power, you will find the range extended dramatically.

    You need more than raw power when you are out in the scrub, though. Sometimes, you need to be able to stop on a dime. That won’t be a problem, as the R750 has both front and rear SRAM disc brakes. 

    Dependable Kenda 4” fat tires provide stability and eat up rough terrain, but also give you a super smooth ride on lighter gravel and road surfaces.

    To get the best results with a hunting ebike, you need a range of accessories to assist you with transporting your equipment and kills. Rambo is a market leader in this area, with a huge variety of excellent accessories to extend the versatility of this fantastic fat bike. 

    If you are looking to test out an ebike for hunting purposes, the price point and list of features should make the Rambo R750 a serious contender for you.

    Our Price: $2,399

    Rambo 750W Electric Mountain Bike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    The Rambo R750 G3 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is a great solution for anyone who is planning to start using an ebike to improve their hunting success. Its use doesn’t stop there, however: Look past the hunting use case, and you will find an excellent electric mountain bike for tackling serious trails and having a bucketload of fun on.


    • Weight: 57 lbs.
    • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061
    • Paint: Matte black
    • Motor: Bafang 750W BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive
    • Digital Display: Bafang C965
    • Battery: LG 48V/10.4Ah
    • Fork: Aluminum alloy – rigid
    • Rear Cog: 24T
    • Front Hub: SF-A21F
    • Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer 3 speed
    • Throttle: Thumb throttle
    • Brakes: SRAM BB5 160mm
    • Chain Ring: 32T Narrow Wide
    • Tire: Kenda Juggernaut Sport K1151 26″ X 4.0″ Fat Tires
    • Rim: Double wall w/o holes 80mm wide
    • Pedal: Wellgo B087
    • Saddle: Velo 3125 with cut-out
    • Handlebar: PROMAX 700mm
    • Stem: PROMAX MA-47
    • Grip: Velo Ergonomic Lock On
    • Max Speed: 19mph without pedaling
    • Range: 19 without pedaling
    • Stand Over Height: 28″
    • Frame Size: 19″
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

    Hunt Efficiently: QuietKat Ranger 750 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    quietkat ranger fat tire ebike

    QuietKat is another fantastic brand that is doing great work in building awareness for the use of ebikes to assist hunters by producing ebikes that are focused on this use. 

    The Ranger is close in price to the Rambo R750, but it does provide a couple of interesting and very useful points of difference when considering primarily off-road riding.

    The Ranger comes standard with a front suspension fork and wider tires, taking the fat tires out to 4.5”.

    Why does that matter? It might not sound like a lot, but that extra half an inch coupled with the suspension fork provides additional stability, which comes in handy when you are hunting and your attention is often split between where and what you are riding on and what you are hunting. 

    In the power department, the Ranger won’t let you down; you’ve got a 750W Bafang hub drive motor which will push you up to a speed of 19 miles per hour without pedaling. 

    The 48V Panasonic battery is built very nicely into the thick frame to avoid getting stuck on passing shrubs, and once again will give you a range of about 20 miles without pedaling - or you could take advantage of the 5 levels of pedal assist, which will automatically respond to your pedaling and provide some extra juice to aid you. 

    QuietKat has developed a great range of accessories to support and build upon the solid base provided by the Ranger - we particularly recommend the unique single-wheel trailer for transporting equipment and kills.

    Our Price: $2,499

    quietkat ranger fat tire ebike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    If you are a serious outdoors enthusiast who wants to cover ground quickly and quietly, the Ranger will make a great investment. While this ebike is marketed toward the hunting crowd, it is by no means restricted to that interest. It’s a serious mountain bike, so it will also suit serious offroaders who like a higher-spec bike.


    • Drive Modes: 5 Levels Pedal Assist (PAS) + Class 2 Thumb Throttle
    • Max Unassisted Speed: 19 mph
    • Motor: Bafang 750W brushless rear hub motor
    • Display: Digital readout with speedometer, odometer, battery and other essential data points
    • Battery: Downtube-integrated 48v/11.6ah Panasonic lithium battery pack
    • Frame Size: Medium/large
    • Brakes: Mechanical disc with 180mm rotors
    • Fork: Spring coil hydraulic suspension
    • Tires: 26”x 4.5” Kenda Juggernaut Fat Tires 60 TPI casing and steel bead
    • Gearing: Shimano Altus 7-Speed Drivetrain with stainless steel chain
    • Load Carry: 300 lbs.

    Explore Rough Terrain: Rambo R1000XP G3 1000W Fat Tire Ebike

    rambo 1000W fat tire electric hunting mountain bike

    Rambo has gone and created a monster of a fat tire electric mountain bike with the R1000XP.

    When it comes to destroying backcountry trails, we can’t think of a fat tire ebike that is better equipped.

    If you like features, this is the bike for you. Rambo has specced out the R1000XP with a whole host of goodies that will combine to get you over the toughest tracks while remaining stable and able to focus on finding your target.

    In this package, you’re getting a 1,000W Bafang mid drive motor which can power you to 28 mph without pedaling - easily one of the top speeds in our showdown.

    The Bafang is powered by a downtube Panasonic 48W battery that is sealed against weather and will give you 20+ miles on a single charge without pedaling. 

    When you need to get your legs going, you’ve got access to a whopping 9 levels of pedal assist and SRAM 11 gear drivetrain, which is once again the highest spec on our list.

    While this bike provides all the power you could need, it also has a braking and traction package that will keep you safe on the track.

    Massive 200mm (front) and 180mm (rear) Tektro hydraulic 4-pot disc brakes put the anchors on the gigantic 4.8” Maxxis fat tires. These are the widest tires we’ve seen on a fat tire e-MTB. Further softening the ride is a high-spec RST front suspension fork.

    The ride on this thing is insane, both off and on the road. We’ve spoken to many people who were initially skeptical about this ebike, but after experiencing it, were instantly sold.

    Here's the only perceived drawback to the R1000XP: the price tag. It’s a hefty investment, but if you compare it to the other ebikes in our showdown, you will clearly see the level and quality of the components easily justify the higher price.

    Rambo provides an extensive series of accessories to even further enhance the usability of the R1000XP to help you transport equipment and materials over uneven ground.

    Rambo often sells out of this fantastic ebike, so if you are ready to grab one, jump on it now and save yourself the wait.

    Our Price: $3,999

    rambo 1000W electric hunting bike


    Versatility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    While you can definitely ride this bike anywhere on almost any surface, it will really shine offroad, where you can take advantage of its offroad-focused components. In our view, this is the premier e-MTB for anyone who is serious about traveling backcountry trails quickly and quietly.


    • Weight: 69 lbs.
    • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061
    • Paint: Carbon Fiber or True Timber Camo
    • Motor: Bafang 1000W BBSHD High-Torque Mid-Drive Motor
    • Digital Display: DP C10.UART
    • Battery: Panasonic 48V/14.5Ah downtube-integrated lithium
    • Fork: RST Renegade w/ 1.5" Taper 7050 aluminium steerer tube and 120mm travel
    • Derailleur: 11-speed SRAM NX 1X11
    • Rear Cassette: SRAM NX PG-1130 11-42T
    • Front Hub: KT-M9CF 150mm sealed
    • Rear Hub: KT-M9CR 197mm sealed
    • Drive Modes: 9 Levels Pedal Assist (PAS) and Class 2 Thumb Throttle
    • Front Brake: Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 203mm
    • Rear Brake:  Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
    • Brake Levers: Magura MT5E
    • Chain Ring: Rambo custom-built 36T Narrow Wide
    • Tires: Maxxis Minion FBF 26″ x 4.8″ Fat Tires 60 TPI Casing
    • Rims: Double wall w/o holes 100mm wide
    • Pedals: Wellgo B807DU
    • Saddles: Selle Royal A027HEO
    • Handlebar: PROMAX 770mm
    • Stem: PROMAX MA-50
    • Grips: SRAM XX1 100mm / 122mm Lock On
    • Max Speed: 28 mph without pedaling
    • Range: 20+ without pedaling
    • Stand Over Height: 31″
    • Frame Size: 19″
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

    Ride Longer: SSR Motorsports Sand Viper Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    sand viper fat tire ebike by SSR Motorsports


    We’re closing out our 2018 Fat Tire Ebike Showdown with a true all-around fat tire ebike. 

    The SSR Motorsports Sand Viper is one of our favorite fat tire bikes. We love the mix of accessibility, affordability and quality design/build this ebike presents.

    The Sand Viper is our top recommendation for riders looking for a full-sized mountain bike-style ebike for commuting and light offroad use.

    If an easy ride matters most to you, you'll love how the wide tires really help soak up any bumps or potholes you might encounter.

    One of the benefits of using fat tire ebikes for commuting over regular thin-tired bikes is that it significantly reduces the risk of flats, saving you time and inconvenience. 

    Adding to the Sand Viper’s about-town credentials are the built-in rear cargo carrier and front and rear lamps to help you see in the dark.

    You have the option of either a 350W or a 500W Bafang motor, which is more than enough to get you around town in a relaxed way.

    Affordability is a huge benefit of this bike. For a comparably low price, you get a decent range of quality components, including a 48V lithium battery (good for 20 to 30 miles), 7-speed Shimano gearing, Tektro disc breaks and Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist.

    Our Price: $1,299 (350W) or $1,699 (500W)

    SSR Motorsports Sand Viper electric mountain bike


    Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Power: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Who is it for?

    The Sand Viper is a brilliant entry point into the world of fat tire ebikes. If you want to give ebikes a try, buy this bike. It’s perfect for commuters, retirees and vacationers alike. If you enjoy a bit of casual trail riding on the weekends, the Sand Viper will easily fill that space for you. 


    • Power: 500W 8Fun Brushless 36V Rear Hub Motor
    • Battery: 48V/10.4Ah lithium Downtube battery pack
    • Charge Time: 4-6 hours
    • Range: 20 to 30 miles
    • Display Readout: Bafang C961 monochrome backlit LCD: speed, battery level, assist level (1-5), odometer, trip distance, current
    • Drive Modes: Class 2 Twist Throttle, Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist (12 Magnet Pedelec)
    • Transmission: 7-Speed Shimano Acera Drivetrain
    • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc with 160mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitor
    • Wheels/Tires: Aluminum alloy rims w/ 26" x 4.0" All-Terrain Chaoyang Fat Tires
    • Frame: Aluminum alloy, 18 inches
    • Seatpost: Promax Suspension Shock
    • Chain: KMC
    • Stepped Pulley: Sunrace
    • Total Weight: 53 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs.
    • Extras: Single side kickstand, integrated 7-LED headlight, basic independent LED backlight (uses two AAA batteries), plastic bash guard pant protector, locking removable battery pack, quick disconnect motor cable, quick release front wheel
    • Warranty: 24-month factory-limited warranty coverage

    Know Before You Buy

    While it’s tempting to name a #1 fat tire ebike, the reality is that there are different ebikes for different uses. 

    We’ve presented you with the best ebike for each category based on what we see as the most common uses our customers have for fat tire ebikes.

    No matter what your desired price point, size or usage, you will find the best fat tire ebike to get you out and active on this list.

    We will continue to update our showdown as new models hit the street. If you’ve got a recommendation for inclusion on this list, leave a comment below and let us know!

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    June 20, 2018

    Yes, we carry several electric trikes, including ones from Addmotor and Prodecotech.

    James D Crooks
    James D Crooks

    June 20, 2018

    Do you carry a electric trike?

    Haley Gorki
    Haley Gorki

    May 29, 2018

    Wow, this Showdown was super useful. I love how you provided tons of useful information without getting too technical. Now I understand the benefits of fat tire ebikes, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the new Emojo 48V Lynx in the next few days. Happy Dance!

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