Nakto Electric Bikes Brand: Complete Model Lineup Review

July 02, 2022

young lady standing next to fat tire electric bike

Introduction: Nakto Electric Bikes

Ebikes are growing in popularity, in part because they offer an affordable alternative to the single family car.

But with prices ranging from as low as $600, to well over $10,000, ebikes are still quite a significant investment.

The last thing you want to do is waste a bunch of money on a new ebike that stops working or falls apart in less than a year.

Here at Really Good Ebikes, we try to carry the brands that produce the highest quality ebikes, and who are ready, willing and able to help customers if something ever goes wrong with their electric bike.

We recently added Nakto USA Ebikes to our family of brands, and we believe that their lineup of ebikes is not just the most budget-friendly on the market today, but that their US-based service facilities are world-class.

In this Guide, we will discuss each of the Nakto electric bike models, and which one might suit you best.

Nakto USA Ebikes produces 14 different models of inexpensive, or cheap electric bikes, if you prefer, ranging from the 16” Skylark folder for $699, to the Fat Tire Super Cruiser electric mountain bike for $1,299.

In between, we have fat tire folders, comfortable Dutch-style cruisers, and even a cargo bike with buddy seat.

Nakto bikes can be found on Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers, but I would not recommend buying your new electric bike from a megastore. I would also be very cautious when considering other Amazon ebike brands like Swagtron, Eahora, Addmotor, Maxfoot, and Samebike. 

When you shop at Amazon or Walmart, you may be purchasing from some faceless 3rd parties who is using their platform to sell cheap Chinese imports.

What happens if you have questions before you make such an important decision They are not ebike experts, and they will not be able to help you. 

What happens if something goes wrong once you put your new bike together - will they be there to provide the customer service and support you are entitled to?

Therefore, once you decide which model you’re interested in, you need to decide where to make your purchase. Of course, we may be biased, but we think that you should buy your next Nakto USA ebike from us, Really Good Ebikes.

We are a small family business, started in 2017, dedicated to providing the best online ebike shopping experience in the US. Our verified customer reviews attest to this goal.

So let’s dive in and get to know the full lineup of Nakto USA electric bikes, the best and cheapest ebikes on the market today, most of which are under $1,000.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes

1. Nakto Fat Tire Super Cruiser Electric Mountain Bike

Nakto USA has produced some very impressive fat tire electric bikes at very economical prices. The top-of-the-line fat tire ebike from Nakto USA is the Fat Tire Super Cruiser.

The Fat Tire Super Cruiser is a hybrid ebike of sorts, combining the rugged riding capabilities of a fat tire mountain bike with the relaxed ride of a cruiser. It features a 500W rear hub motor (nominal output), which is capable of propelling the bike up steep inclines.

The 4” fat tires are perfect for off-road riding, where additional surface area contact with the ground will provide enhanced traction and stability.

You can ride the Fat Tire Super Cruiser like a conventional bike, using the 6-speed trigger shifter and Shimano derailleur; and when you are ready to power up your ride, you can turn on the 48V electronics and engage the 5-level pedal assist system (PAS), or just give the right-side thumb throttle a push.

nakto super cruiser ebike

2. Nakto Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike

Next up is the Fat Tire Cruiser, which retails for the low-cost price of $999. The Fat Tire Cruiser features many of the same features and components as the Fat Tire Super Cruiser, but with a few important differences.

It has a 350W nominal output motor, compared to 500W, and the electrical system operates at 36V instead of 48V. The battery capacity is also slightly less on the Fat Tire Cruiser, at 10Ah vs. 12Ah for the Super Cruiser.

A 500W motor is very powerful, and for many riders it can be intimidating, and they worry that the bike could get out of control. So if you’re looking for a fat tire electric mountain bike that costs under $1,000, you should definitely check out the Nakto Fat Tire Cruiser. It comes with disc brakes, fenders, a headlight, LCD display, and a tool kit.

Nakto Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike

3. Nakto OX Fat Tire Folding Ebike

One of our favorite ebikes in the Nakto USA Ebikes lineup is the OX. This is another weird and wonderful hybrid ebike, combining the stability and off-road riding capabilities of a fat tire bike with a low-step folding frame.

But there’s more, a lot more. The OX has high-rise handlebars, which allow the rider to maintain a natural, relaxed posture while riding; and with the low-step frame design, you do not need to lift your leg over the seat to get on and off your bike.

This is especially welcome for older riders who may have limited hip and knee mobility. The OX features a very robust 500W rear hub motor, which can be controlled using the pedal assist system or the right-side twist throttle. The 6-speed Shimano drivetrain incorporates a trigger click shifter, for smooth operation.

And with a 48V/12Ah removable battery, the OX will give you a long range of travel with every charge. It comes with fenders, headlight, rear rack, kickstand and tool kit.

nakto steady ox ebike

4. Nakto Discovery 20” Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Last up in the fat tire category is Discovery, a 20” fat tire electric mountain bike designed for shorter riders. Discovery features 20” x 4” fat tires mounted on aluminum rims with cutouts to reduce weight. These tires can be inflated from 5 psi to 30 psi, depending on surface conditions and rider preference.

The 350W rear hub motor is quite powerful, and can be engaged using the pedal assist system (PAS) or thumb throttle (located between the trigger shifter for the gears and the ergonomic grips).

Although we love how the battery is fully integrated into the downtube of the bike, to do so meant shaving precious amp hours from the battery capacity. If you plan on long rides, you might take a spare battery with you just in case. Discovery features an intuitive LCD display panel with all the essential readouts; it comes with a suspension fork, and we really dig the orange-colored aluminum accepts on the grips and headset. While fenders are not included, there are attachment points if you want to get them after-market.

Nakto Discovery 20” Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Cruising Ebikes  

5. Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bicycle

Nakto USA is know for their cruising electric bikes, and there is no better electric cruiser to start our review than the Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica electric beach cruiser is simply stunning. From the smooth curves of its custom frame, to the smooth curves of the cruiser handlebar, this bike is cool.

And at just over $1,000, it’s quite affordable.

The Santa Monica has 26” x 3” balloon tires, perfect for riding along the beach boardwalk or downtown to meet a friend for lunch. With a 6-speed drivetrain, you can ride the Santa Monica like a regular bike, with the extra comfort of a sprung gel saddle.

And when you need a little boost or don’t feel like pedaling, you will have the confidence to deploy the 500W rear hub motor and electrify your ride. The 48V/10Ah battery is fully integrated into the downtube, adding to the bike’s sleek lines and aerodynamics.

It will give you hours of riding pleasure per charge, and is removable for remote charging. If you are looking for a classic cruiser, look no further than the Santa Monica.

Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bicycle

6. Nakto City Stroller Step-Thru Electric Bike

Next up is the City Stroller, a low-cost electric step-thru cruiser. The City Stroller is all about comfort, from the easy access frame to the angled handlebars and spring-loaded saddle.

If you want an ebike which is super easy to operate and very comfortable to ride, you should definitely add the City Stroller to your list. The 1.75” wide tires are suitable for city riding and light trails, although you should be cautious not to turn too quickly on gravely surfaces.

The City Stroller features a 350W motor paired with a 36V/12Ah easy access battery. The battery can be charged on or off the bike, and will give you about 25 miles of range per charge.

Nakto City Stroller Step-Thru Electric Bike


7. Nakto Classic Step-Thru Cruiser Electric Bike

The Nakto Classic Step-Thru cruiser is simply stunning, and it’s about half the price of other ebikes in this category.

We love the cream color of the frame and rack, and how it contrasts with the faux leather grips and saddle.

The Classic is true to its name. It has the classic Dutch low-step frame design, with sweptback cruiser-style handlebars, front and rear racks, and a front basket.

The Classic Step-Thru is meant for casual riding, with an upright riding posture and extra comfort from the spring-loaded sponge saddle and ergonomic grips. The 250W motor is perfect for city riding, and you will feel confident on the 3”-wide balloon tires.

Next time you want to go to the grocery store, or just a ride around town, imagine the thrill of doing it on the Nakto Classic Step-Thru.

Nakto Classic Step-Thru Cruiser Electric Bike

8. Nakto Elegance Step-Through Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Elegance is another budget-friendly step-thru cruiser electric bike. The design is different than other step-thru models in the Nakto lineup, with some interesting features.

First, it has 22” x 1.75” tires, lowering the height of the bike and making it suitable for shorter riders.

The Elegance also includes a rear rack that doubles as a buddy seat, so you can go riding with a friend, and let the motor do the heavy lifting.

The low-step frame design of the Elegant makes it super easy to mount and dismount, and would be perfect for young riders and anyone new to ebikes.

The Elegance is powered by a 250W rear hub motor, which can be activated using the pedal assist system or right-side twist throttle.

The operations are easy to master in a few minutes of riding, and feel just as natural as riding a conventional bicycle.

There is an LCD display, giving you all the important readouts like battery life and travel distance.

Safety equipment that comes standard on the Elegance ebike include an integrated front headlight, rear reflector, chain guard, fenders, and brake motor inhibitors.

Nakto Elegance Step-Through Electric Bicycle

9. Nakto Pony Step-Thru Cargo Ebike

The super affordable Pony punches above it’s weight class. Costing less than many conventional bikes, the Pony Step-Thru Cargo Electric Bike is truly unique.

It features a heavy-duty steel step-thru frame, with an integrated rear rack and front basket.

The Pony is perfect for ditching the car and going for a ride around town, picking up groceries or even taking a kid to school, since the rear rack doubles as a buddy seat.

Featuring a 36V system and 250W motor, you can boost your ride with 5 levels of pedal assist, or with a simple twist of the throttle, no pedaling required.

The 20” x 1.95” tires work best on paved surfaces, but can also be ridden on light trails.

This ebike is perfect for shorter riders, down to 4’-10” in height, and is very easy to operate. LCD readouts include battery life, speed, pedal assist level, and travel distance.

There is a chain guard to protect your clothes and skin, and a bell for safety.

Nakto Pony Step-Thru Cargo Ebike

10. Nakto Camel Step-Thru Cruising Electric Bike

The Camel Step-Thru is perhaps Nakto’s best-known model, having been favorably reviewed by Electric Bike Review.

Yes, it’s a “cheap" ebike, but I like to think of it as extreme affordable at only $739. And wow do you get a lot for the money.

The Woman’s Camel Step-Through Electric Bike has a beautifully designed frame, with the bottom bracket well forward of the saddle, giving you an upright and relaxed ride.

The Camel ST comes with the option for a 250W motor, 350W motor, or 350W motor with LCD display. For most riders, 250W will give you enough power to climb moderately steep hills while pedaling and using the pedal assist system, but don't expect to use the throttle only to climb steep hills. Watts are like horsepower, so if you want more motor power, get the 350W option.

You can ride the Camel ST like a regular cruiser, using the 6-speed drivetrain.

And when you are ready for some action, turn on the 36V battery, give the throttle a twist, and off you go.

The 10Ah battery can be removed for remote charging, and will give you about 25 miles of range per charge.

The bike comes with fenders, a chain guard, front basket, front light, and rear rack.

Nakto Camel Step-Thru Cruising Electric Bike

11. Nakto Camel Cruiser Electric Bike

Camel Cruiser is the Men’s version of the Camel Step-Thru, and it’s the perfect electric beach cruiser.

Of course, with it’s strong rear rack and front basket, the Camel Cruiser is also a great ebike for students, office workers, and anyone who wants the thrill of electric bike riding without breaking the bank.

The Camel Cruiser is outfitted with a 250W (nominal output) rear hub motor, paired with a 36V/10Ah easy access battery.

You can operate the Camel Cruiser using the 6-speed gears (with trigger shifter), the pedal assist system, and the half-twist throttle, finding the perfect amount of human and motor power for every riding condition.

The bike comes with fenders, and integrated headlight, rear rack, chain guard, and front basket.

And like all Nakto ebikes, a tool kit is provided to make final assembly a breeze.

Nakto Camel Cruiser Electric Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

12. Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for a traditional mountain bike that won’t break the bank, check out the Ranger from Nakto.

This $900 electric mountain bike has a diamond frame with an angled top tube, with straight bars, giving the rider a more aggressive body posture.

With its 26” x 1.75” mountain bike tires, the Ranger is perfect for off-road trail riding.

You will of course be aided by a powerful 350W rear hub motor running at 36V, paired with a 36V/10Ah downtube-integrated battery.

This design gives the bike a more aerodynamic profile. The battery can be removed for remote charging, and can be securely locked onto the bike.

The bike comes standard with fenders, integrated headlight, electronic horn, and a large central LCD display.

Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

Folding Ebikes 

13. Nakto Fashion Folding Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Fashion is classic folding ebike, with a central hinge on the frame, and a second folding mechanism at the base of the tiller (the part that holds the handlebar).

We love the Fashion for its simplicity, and its affordable price. If you are looking for a basic folding ebike, add the Fashion to your short list. Its compact folded dimensions make the Fashion ebike ideal for RVers, apartment dwellers, and others with limited storage space.

It also means that you don’t need an external bike rack to transport the Fashion, just fold it up and put it in the back of your car or SUV.

The 250W motor on the Fashion puts out a respectable 38 Newton Meters (Nm) of torque, making it suitable for riding in hilly areas.

The tires are 20” x 1.95”, so be careful if you take the fashion on unpaved paths or trails. The Fashion may be a budget-oriented ebike, but it still comes with fenders, a headlight, rear rack, chain guard, and spring-loaded saddle. Very nice.

Nakto Fashion Folding Electric Bicycle

14. Nakto Skylark 16” Folding Electric Bike

No Nakto Ebike roundup would be complete without Skylark, a compact folding ebike with 16” tires on blade rims.

The Skylark folding electric bike is perfect for smaller riders, and is a blast to ride. It features a 250W rear hub motor, a 36V/10Ah easy access battery, fenders and a rear rack.

The pedal assist system works smoothly, and we were impressed with the amount of torque put out by the motor when we gave the throttle a twist.

The Skylark is one of Nakto’s most popular models, and for good reason.

Nakto Skylark 16” Folding Electric Bike
You might be interested in checking out the Aostirmotor Ebikes Lineup for its focus on affordability and practicality.

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I appreciate your review of the entire Nakto collection. I also noticed that your product pages didn’t just copy what the brand’s website. You really took the time to evaluate each model. Thanks for your dedication.

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Charles Watson

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I truly enjoyed reading this blog, it is very informative and well written. I’m really glad I stumbled upon it, as it really helped with my final decision for my new ebike. Thank you Really Good Ebikes for writing it.

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