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Fat Tire Ebike Brands to Watch in 2019

The popularity of fat tire electric bikes in 2019 undeniable and growing at a rapid pace.

Fat tire e-bikes present a great combination of power, stability and the versatility to take things off road when needed.

If you’re familiar with conventional bikes (no motor) you might be surprised to learn that there are a range of electric bike brands that are different from the human-powered bike brands you know and love.

We’ve put together a list of the ebike brands that you need to get to know if you are planning to purchase a fat tire electric bike in 2019 and beyond.

If you are looking for a more detailed rundown of the top fat tire e-bikes on the market, check out our Ultimate Fat Tire Electric Showdown 2019 Edition to find the right fat tire ebike for you. And if you have questions or want to place an order, never hesitate to call us toll free at 888-883-3350.

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Emojo Bikes

No emojis here, just a great selection of super affordable fat tire ebikes. 

Emojo fat tire electric bikes are among some our most popular. The models to look out for here are the Wildcat for a mountain bike styled ebike and the Lynx which is their fat tire folding ebike. There are actually two Lynx fat tire ebikes to choose from, the original 36V classic, and the all-new 48V pro version. These fat tire ebikes are great on all terrains, including rough roads you may encounter during your urban commute.

Emojo was founded in 2013 by a couple of great friends in Irvine, California. Their philosophy is to put a smile on riders faces by invoking childhood memories of fun bike riding experiences.

This philosophy is clearly evident in their fat tire ebike models. Colorful and striking designs provide a youthful and playful feel to these ebikes.

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But don’t be fooled, the Emojo fat tire electric bikes feature solid frames and a great complement of brand-name components and features that are not usually offered at this competitive price point.

You should definitely explore Emojo electric bikes as an entry point into the fat tire ebike world. They are great all-round bikes that will easily transport you in urban environments, yet let you ride off-road in comfort and style.

Check out our feature on the Emojo Wildcat and the Emojo Lynx fat tire electric bikes.

Addmotor Electric Bikes 

Addmotor will be a name you have probably never heard of before, but they are a company with a rich history of involvement with things that move on two wheels! Their premiere brands include Motan and HitHot!

Starting off in the motorcycle parts space in 2006, Addmotor has steadily grown and expanded into electric vehicles and are making a bit of a splash with their electric bikes and fat tire trikes.

The first thing you will notice about their flagship Motan fat tire electric bikes is the aggressive styling of the M850-P7 model. This is wound back somewhat in the entry level M-550 P7 with the M-560 sitting somewhere in the middle.

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The top of the line Motan M850-P7 features front and rear suspension, which is rarely seen in an ebike at this price point. 

That really hits home what we like most about Addmotor. They’ve found a way to cram a ton of value into a full sized electric fat tire mountain bike. There are few other brands that can compete on this value level.

Addmotor is a brand to pay attention to if you favor the mountain bike style. If you mainly want to use an ebike for trail riding, the Motan presents a great option. And don't forget, with all fat tire bikes with 4" wide tires, you can vary the tire pressure from 5 psi to 30 psi, adjusting for road conditions and your personal riding style.

See our full range of Addmotor electric bikes here.

Rambo Electric Mountain Bikes

The evolution of fat tire electric bikes has opened up new possibilities for hunters and outdoorsmen. The ability to move quickly and quietly without exhausting the rider are unique benefits that only an electric bike can provide.

Rambo has fully dedicated itself to serving this market. Rambo produces a range of electric mountain bikes solely focused on off-road and backcountry riding.

These fat tire electric mountain bikes aren’t cheap but they are pretty much the most fully loaded electric fat tire mountain bikes available in 2018. We aren’t just talking lots of bling either, high quality is the name of the game here. 

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With Rambo, you get only the best suspension, braking and gearing packages in the ebike market making the price tag an entirely reasonable proposition.

If you are looking for a hunting fat tire ebike Rambo should be your first stop and be sure to check out their extensive range of accessories to make your life infinitely easier. 

The Rambo R750 G3 750W and the R1000XP G3 were easy entries into our Ultimate Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown for 2019.

If you this list has piqued your interest in a new fat tire ebike but you still have questions or are struggling to work out which model is right for you, get in touch with us today. Our industry leading customer service department is standing by to help you find the bike of your dreams.

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