5 Best Electric Bike Reviews (Updated, 2021)

best electric bike reviews

From the very beginning, when we started Really Good Ebikes over 3 year ago, we’ve encouraged customers to provide their honest feedback of the products and services they received. We send an email to every customer asking for a review, and we publish almost all of them on our website. We now have over 600 of the best electric bike reviews.

We also look for and publish independent product reviews of the ebikes we carry, from such authoritative sources as Court Rye’s Electric Bike Review and Brent McCluskey’s Electrified Reviews. We believe that customers benefit a lot from seeing these reviews.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best electric bike reviews we’ve received over the years. Let’s dive in!

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EWheels EW-Supreme aka Bam Nomad Supreme

One of our best-reviewed ebikes is the EW-Supreme from EWheels. When it was first introduced a few years ago, this affordable fat tire electric mountain bike was referred to as the Bam Nomad Supreme, so you will see both names in the reviews.

The EW-Supreme is one of the best electric mountain bikes on the market today. It features a powerful 750W rear hub motor, paired with a long-range 48V/14Ah lithium-ion battery. It works great for the urban jungle, but really excels once you go off-road.

ew-supreme nomad fat tire electric bike

So, what are people saying about the EW-Supreme? 

Frank L. wrote this review of the EW-Supreme:

I'm always cautious buying an expensive item online. However everything Steve told me on the phone was accurate. I received my bike within 5 days of my order, Fantastic! The bike arrived in perfect condition and was easy to assemble. Considering how expensive some of these ebikes can be, I am extremely impressed with the bike I purchased at a value price point.

And here is what Monica C. had to say about her experience:

I have had my BAM Nomad for about two weeks and I couldn't be happier with it. I have put on about 50 miles so far. I have contacted Steve a few times with questions and he has answered immediately every time, and has always solved any issue that I have had. I would definitely recommend this company and I would buy from them again.

In these reviews, both customers mentioned me by name. That’s nice to hear, since I do my best to help every customer figure out which ebike would work best for their unique needs; and I try to provide as much support as they need to enjoy their new ebike.

However, not all reviews are 100% positive. In his review of the EW-Supreme, Chuck H. pointed out a mistake which happened with the shipping process. He writes:

This bike is super powerful and for the price, you just can’t beat it! I love being out in nature anyway, and this bike makes it an even better experience! My only complaint, and the reason for the 4 stars, is that they made a mistake and sent it to my billing address, so I had to drive to my office to pick it up.

Yup, it’s true - I sent the bike to Chuck’s billing address instead of the shipping address. Fortunately, the two addresses were not that far apart, and he was able to get the bike from his office without much hassle.

If you're interested in learning more about the EW-Supreme, click the link below.

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Revi Cheetah Retro Style Electric Bike

Another one of the best ebikes which has been extensively reviewed is the Revi Cheetah. This vintage fat tire cruiser was inspired by the 1960s Café Racer motorcycles, where the bikes were used for short, quick rides between cafés, in Watford at the Busy Bee café and the Ace Café in London.

revi cheetah fat tire electric bike

The Cheetah features a 750W rear hub motor, and two battery capacity options for a long-range ride. It’s great for cruising around town or going off-road for adventure-seekers.

Tony G. gets right to the point in his review of the Cheetah:

I live in the Hollywood Hill and needed a powerful ebike to ride around with. The Cheetah has tons of power for the hills, and it's a total chick magnet. Everyone thinks I'm a rockstar. Awesome.

For a more traditional review of the Cheetah, check out what Court Rye from Electric Bike Review has to say. His review is rather extensive, so I figured I would just share a few of the Pros and Cons:

The twist throttle is active at zero and overrides each of the five pedal assist levels, considering the heavy build of this product and less efficient knobby tires, it’s nice to have help getting started.


The 750 watt geared motor and 48 volt battery system really kicks, the bike was able to move Sam with ease, and he weighs 200+ lbs, it’s neat that the frame is rated up to 330 lbs while most other ebikes are just rated for 200 lbs or 250 lbs, but do keep an eye on the spokes if you’re a heavier rider, so they don’t loosen up

Very cool styling, everything from the gas tank inspired battery casing to the large steel headlight and elongated fork resemble a motorcycle and the big tires feel proportional, consider swapping to slick fat tires to make the bike smoother and more efficient (the size is 26″ x 4″)


Weighing in at nearly 76 lbs, this ebike is heavier than average, they could reduce some of the weight and possibly improve comfort by punching out the rims

This ebike only comes in one frame size, but it’s neat that they offer three color combinations, only the black and brown have the faux leather cover on the battery… the rest are just painted

The extra-long chain can bounce around when you’re pedaling with a high gear and I didn’t see a slap guard, I could hear the chain bounce up into the steel chain cover when going off curbs and this could create scratches that might eventually rust, consider using some clear box tape on the right chainstay to protect it without detracting from the nice aesthetic of the bike frame color

The drivetrain is one step above base level on the Shimano product line and only offers 13 to 28 tooth spread vs. 11 to 32 or higher and that means you can’t climb as easily or pedal as comfortably at high speed, considering the higher top speed potential of the bike and heavier build, it would be nice to have a Shimano Deore with wider cassette

Minor complaint, I didn’t see anywhere to mount a water bottle or accessory on the seat tube or downtube, consider an anywhere adapter if you want to mount something here

Like I said, not all reviews are 100%, and that’s ok. Not every product is perfect, and it’s extremely useful to know some of the compromises you need to make when getting an ebike.

Brent McCluskey from Electrified Reviews also had a lot to say about the Revi Cheetah. You can check out his video review below.


If you want to learn more about the Revi Cheetah, click on the link below.

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Real People Talking About Ebikes

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a video series I made when I first started Really Good Ebikes, called Real People Talking About Ebikes.

I was super excited to learn everything I could about ebikes, and started interviewing random strangers in the streets of Santa Barbara, California. These people shared with me their love of ebikes, and gave me some unvarnished best electric bike reviews. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed filming them.