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10 Best Folding Electric Bikes for 2019

10 ten folding electric bikes for 2019 as presented by really good ebikes

Folding bikes, and especially Folding Electric Bikes are one of the most popular forms of bikes on the market today. And for good reason. They’re portable, affordable, and come in all shapes and sizes.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to store and transport a bicycle, whether conventional or electric. If you don’t have enough room in a garage, you might try hanging it from the wall or ceiling, or cramming it into the corner near the front door.

And forget about traveling with regular bikes unless you have a good rack. But even then, your bike will be exposed to the elements, and it will be a prime target for thieves.

Well, don’t fear. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits and features of folding electric bikes, and let you know the top 10 models of foldable ebikes for 2019. We are also going to dispel a few myths about folding ebikes along the way.

In this article we are going to talking about foldable ebikes from brands like Green Bike USA,Enzo, Addmotor, X-Treme, and Bam Power Bikes. Many of these have been positively reviewed on Electric Bike Review, the most trusted authority on ebikes today. For a full list of the brands and models carried by Really Good eBikes, you can check out our Folding Ebikes Collection page.

Green Bike USA GB750 Fat Tire Low-Step Foldable eBike

The GB750LS (Low-Step) from Green Bike USA is a game-changer. It comes with an incredibly powerful 750W rear hub motor by 8Fun (Bafang brand), paired with a massive 48V/15.6Ah, seat-tube mounted, lithium battery with Samsung cells and battery management system (BMS). The GB750LS also has 9 levels of Pedal Assist (PAS), a Class 2 Thumb Throttle, and a 6-Speed Shimano Drivetrain. If you want full-suspension, check out brand mate GB750 Next Full Suspension, which is should also be on this Top Ten List.

green bike gb750 low step ebike from really good electric bikes

What we love most about the GB750LS is its unique wave-shaped frame, which allows easy mounting and dismounting. The folding mechanism is right at the base of the wave, next to the bottom bracket, and it folds down to 36" x 17" x 28".

One of the great things about the GB750LS is all the really cool accessories that come with the bike. You get fenders, a heavy-duty aluminum rear rack, USB port for phone charging, headlight, kickstand, electric horn, phone holder, right and left turn signals, brake light, and a big LCD multi-functional display (watch your speed, distance, time, pedal assist level, and control lights).

X-Treme Baja 48V Folding Electric Bike

The X-Treme Baja folding electric bike is unique among electric folders - it features a full-size frame and full suspension. It sports a 48V 500W Bafang Rear Hub Motor, paired with a high-torque 48V/10.4Ah Samsung battery, battery management system and controller, all of which are integrated into the frame. The electric system is controlled with 5 Levels of Smart Pedal Assist (SPAS) and/or a Class 2 Thumb Throttle. And like other bikes in this category, the Baja can be ridden like a conventional bike, using its 9-Speed Shimano Altus Drivetrain.

The X-Treme Baja can go up to 25 mph when using the throttle alone, and much faster if you like to pedal hard and ride downhill.  And when you need to stop, you will do so with authority, relying on Tektro Aries Mechanical Caliper Disc Brakes with 160mm Rotors front and rear.

TheX-treme Baja has a heavy-duty hinged aluminum frame, allowing it to be folded and fit into a car trunk. The full-suspension of the Baja will give you a comfortable and smooth ride.

When you get the X-Treme Baja, you bike comes with a full complement of accessories, including handlebar-mounted front light, rack mounted tail light (AAA powered), and a rear Cargo Rack with pannier support and luggage clip.

Addmotor Motan 48V 750W M-150 P7 Fat Tire Foldable Ebike

Ok, brace yourself! We have now arrived at the 750W 48VAddmotor Motan M150-P7, one of the most amazing fat tire folders on the market today. The ebike is a beast! It features a Bafang rear hub motor with 750W nominal (1000W peak) output, paired with a 48V/11.6Ah seat tube battery with Panasonic cells and battery management system, and a USB port for phone charging. This ebike delivers 80 Newton meters of torque without breaking a sweat.

The Motan M150-P7 has 5 Levels of Pedal Assist (PAS) using a 12-magnet cadence sensing system, a Class 2 Twist Throttle, and a 7-Speed Shimano Tourney Drivetrain. With these power options, the M150-P7 will plow through deep snow and sandy beaches.

Not only does the Motain M150-P7 look great (with its black frame and orange fenders and brake), but it folds down to an incredible folded dimensions of  45” Length, 16” Width, 29.5” Height. While it’s not the lightest folder in our lineup (60.7 lbs) it’s simply one of the best ebikes we’ve had the pleasure of riding.

Green Bike USA GB750 NEXT Full-Suspension Folding Fat Tire eBike

We’re big fans of Florida-based Green Bike USA, and the GB750 Full Suspension Foldable eBike is one of the reasons. The GB750 full-suspension frame design, which along with the variable-inflation 4-inch fat tires, offers an amazingly comfortable ride.

Let’s begin with the obvious: 750W 48V Rear Hub Motor by 8Fun (a Bafang brand), paired with a high-torque 48V/15.6Ah long-lasting battery, with Samsung cells and battery management system (BMS). This powerhouse is controlled at the cockpit with 9 Levels of Pedal Assist (PAS) and a Class 2 Thumb Throttle. There is also a 6-Speed Shimano Drivetrain, so you can ride like a conventional bike, or combine pedaling with electric motor power.

As expected, the GB750 also comes with a nice array of accessories, including an electric horn, front and rear fenders, a rear rack, brake lights, left and right turn signals, a powerful LED headlight, and free phone holder. This is the perfect fat tire folder for snow, sand, campus or urban jungle.

Enzo Folding Electric Bike - 350W Fixed-Gear Belt Drive

When we first laid eyes on the Enzo Fixed-Gear Folder, we were definitely impressed. This ebike is really something special.

Let’s start by discussing the fixed-gear belt drive. Instead of a greasy chain, this Enzo features a Gates carbon belt drive. This is perfect if you don’t want to get your clothes dirty while riding. Next, we have cast magnesium alloy rims, which are super durable and stylish.

The 350W rear hub motor is suitable for most riding conditions, and it’s paired with a decent 36V/10.4Ah frame-integrated lithium battery. This ebike also has front and rear fenders, a rear rack, headlight, and one of our favorite features, a tire pump hidden within the seat post.

We have a late entry to this list: the BAM-Folder from Bam Power Bikes. While this ebike has been compared to the Radmini, it stands on its own as an amazing fat tire folding electric bike. Take a look; I think you will be impressed.

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